it might hit like a fragrance—


hushed, slinky and besting any
formal introductions.
or announce itself proudly, boldly,
without calling for backup.


either way, the thrill of entering a
good interior, a chic interior, is an
intoxicating experience.


it’s even better when it’s yours.


at PROjECT, an interior is a
you right now; and you,
the compilation album murmured
in objects, belted out in colors
and textures. we listen to it—


and for nearly 14 years we’ve been
a studio devoted to producing,
mixing and mastering it.
this is not just about creating a floor
plan, or finding an excuse to shop for
things, anyone could do that.


this is different—
we want this to be a personal,
soulful and authentic sojourn:


the distillation of that uncontrollable,
exciting, special, individual brew,
laced with what’s next…


building a dream home,
finding the right piece of art,
the right fabric,
the right lover; transforming
an heirloom or starting over.


creating thoughtful, unapologetically
distinct environments that feel right—
that is why PROjECT exists,


and this is not the time to hide.